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Writer’s Guidelines

Government Gazette provides politically neutral and objective coverage of all leading institutions and policy makers in the European Union. The quarterly magazine’s standard of excellence has made it a place where parliamentarians, policy shapers and eminent thought leaders turn to express their views with their extended policy circles. Government Gazette enables informed policy making by encouraging open debate on a range of timely policy issues, triggering active participation from policy shapers, activists and lobbyists; and creating readily-usable content for discerning decision-makers.

Government Gazette readers are well-informed, intelligent individuals with a wide range of interests. Though a vast number of them are eminent parliamentarians across Europe, not all of them are necessarily specialists in international affairs. Our readers want to be inspired by resourceful, brand-new takes on Europe and meticulous analysis presented in a clear and handy manner.

The ideal GG article strikes a balance: It should spark debate among specialists but also engage and inform a general interest reader. Articles should be driven by evidence.

Before you pitch us an idea, keep a few things in mind:

Read the magazine and the website. It’s the best way to get a sense of what we like and the easiest way to avoid sending us something we’ve already covered.

GG focuses on what policy matters most to Europe and delivers policy recommendations to support evidence based policymaking

Steer clear of technical jargon. GG believes in making big ideas accessible to the widest possible audience.

Provide original research to support your ideas. And be prepared to document what you say. GG fact-checks everything we publish.

In GG’s Arguments section, authors are encouraged to take a provocative stand in approximately 800 words. Think of these as thoughtful and topical mini-essays. You should be able to distill your most salient point into one sentence. Just about any issue is fair game.

In our Viewpoints section, GG welcomes pitches from policymakers across Europe. We’re looking for smart, insightful on-the-ground recommendations on all things that matter to Europe. Find us an angle into the big story that everyone else has missed. Make sure your work has a clear takeaway and explains to readers why it matters.

Our new section on Performance strives to bring together experts in neuroscience and modern psychology. From behavioural research to practical guidance on careers, GG welcomes pitches that offer practical strategies for happiness and personal success.

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