A way out of the Brexit morass?
09 May 2019 – 14:15 | No Comment

Brexit-bound Britain will participate in this month’s European Parliament (EP) election, unless UK prime minister, Theresa May, and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, manage to push the thrice-rejected EU withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons …

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MPs vote to take control of Brexit

Submitted by on 26 Mar 2019 – 10:09

British Prime Minister Theresa May had hoped that the third time would do the trick. After failing twice to get her withdrawal agreement with the EU through Parliament, she was gearing up for a fresh attempt last week, until she was blocked by the Speaker of the House of Commons and by the European Council.

After the EU leaders rejected her request for an extension to June 30 and instead, imposed two new dates, MPs have finally taken control over the Brexit process.

In a late night vote in the House of Commons which could have far-reaching ramifications, MPs voted 329 to 302. It is seemingly a huge majority for a cross-party group of backbench plan. Thirty Tory members, including three ministers have voted against the government. However, May has reportedly said there is no assurance that she will abide by their wish.

May’s own deal, as she had earlier admitted on Monday, does not command enough support.

The success of Conservative MP Oliver Letwin’s amendment, which clears the way will now, set the course for the Brexit — a situation which several ministers have wanted and have been arguing all the while.

There will now be a series of votes in the Commons tonight, where MPs will be able to have their say on a whole range of options – a customs union, a closer relationship with the EU than the PM has argued for, another referendum and others which could emerge.

Speaker John Bercow will reportedly select which of the 16 amendments to put before the House, leaving out the duplicates.

Meanwhile, European Council’s Donald Tusk is known to have told MEPs that they “cannot betray the six million people who signed the petition to revoke Article 50, the one million people who marched for a people’s vote, or the increasing majority of people who want to remain in the EU.”