A way out of the Brexit morass?
09 May 2019 – 14:15 | No Comment

Brexit-bound Britain will participate in this month’s European Parliament (EP) election, unless UK prime minister, Theresa May, and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, manage to push the thrice-rejected EU withdrawal agreement through the House of Commons …

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DRS supports standardisation of statistics in Africa by sponsoring 8th Africa Symposium on Statistical Development
28 Mar 2013 – 16:53 | No Comment

By Sue McBreen

UK based global data capture specialist DRS Data Services Ltd, was delighted once again to support the 8th Africa Symposia on Statistical Development (ASSD) which took place at the end of November …

Lessons for Kenya from Ghanaian Elections
28 Mar 2013 – 16:50 | No Comment

By Tabitha Mutemi, Kenya Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s Manager for Communications and Corporate Affairs
Ghana held its sixth consecutive elections since its democratic transition in 1992 on December 7, 2012 to elect a president and …

Compulsory Voting in EU Elections – An Interesting Way of Securing Engagement
28 Mar 2013 – 16:48 | No Comment

By Dr John Coulter, Political Columnist with the Irish Daily Star and Tribune magazine
The United Kingdom could leave the European Union by default if British Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposed referendum is not decided by …

Thoughts on the New Political Landscape in the Post-Chávez Era in Venezuela
28 Mar 2013 – 16:47 | No Comment

By Vangelis Agrapidis, Editorial Researcher, Government Gazette

Two elections in six months; a double test for the Venezuelan electorate and the Chavismo regime.
On 7th October 2012, the Venezuelan electorate recorded a historically high …

The US Could Learn from the EU’s Short Sea Policies
28 Mar 2013 – 16:39 | No Comment
The US Could Learn from the EU’s Short Sea Policies

By Tony Munoz, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The Maritime Executive
The European short sea shipping network has been an enormous catalyst in building the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure over the last two decades. …

Obama’s Re-election and US Foreign Policy: What’s Next?
28 Mar 2013 – 16:37 | No Comment

By Naeem Ahmad, Editorial Researcher, Government Gazette
Europe woke up on Wednesday, 7th November 2012 with a sense of relief. Polls conducted in many European countries in the pre-election period were constantly showing a preference for …

A Snapshot of Balochistan
28 Mar 2013 – 16:25 | No Comment
A Snapshot of Balochistan

By Sanaullah Baloch, former senator from Balochistan

Balochistan faces a multitude of problems, including worsening human rights violations, economic stagnation, Talibanisation, sectarian targeted killings, political assassinations, abductions for ransom, mass migration, deteriorating health and education …

What can Transform Afghans’ Optimism into Real Change?
28 Mar 2013 – 16:19 | No Comment

By Naeem Ahmad, Editorial Researcher, Government Gazette

For the most part, political instability, ascending violence, and diminished hope that Afghanistan will be able to withstand Taliban resurgence after 2014 when foreign troops withdraw, have …

Devout Democracy
28 Mar 2013 – 16:13 | No Comment

By Rebecca Lowe, Senior Reporter, International Bar Association
The Taliban’s shooting of a young activist in the name of sharia law last year confirmed many people’s worst fears about the attitude of Islamists towards human rights …

Turkey and the European Union
28 Mar 2013 – 16:04 | No Comment
Turkey and the European Union

By Takis Hadjigeorgiou MEP
Almost ten years since the launching of Turkey’s membership negotiations, Turkey finds itself somewhat isolated, lacking the support of some member states, which could, if granted, push the country back into the …